What clients are saying...

I came to Nicole for a trying session, not so much out of need, but rather to feed my curiosity for a new healing modality that I hadn’t heard of.

I was quite puzzled how, just observing and touching my feet, Nicole could immediately identify some tensions and pains in my body and linking them to some emotional/mental patterns causing stresses.

I am quite aware of most of them and have been working on them, but more with my head. Our mind can easily trap us, our body doesn’t and reveals it all when we start paying attention.

Nicole has been helping me bringing back awareness in the parts of my body where blocks - both conscious and unconscious - have been imprinted physiologically - some from the early years of my life - to slowly and surely dissolve the associated mental/emotional patterns which no longer serve me and impede me in living a more fulfilling life.

Her graceful gentleness creates a very safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space to open up and let go of all our fears and resistances at our own pace.

I have read about and tried many healing therapies. I found the Grinberg Method to be extremely valuable in allowing us to (re)-connect with our body, sensations and emotions and gain a new sense of wholeness, balance and freedom. It is a wonderful complement to my yoga and mindfulness practices in which Nicole is also well versed.
— Elisabeth, Singapore
I started seeing Nicole a year ago at a point when I wanted to make changes in my life. I felt stuck in old patterns patterns and wanted to move on.
One of the first benefits of the Grinberg Method was getting an immediate increase in energy. It was as if my body was really happy that I was finally beginning to listen to it.
The next obvious benefit was that my regular slight headaches vanished and I have not had one in over a year now. With Nicole’s kind but challenging support the process has helped me to listen to my body and to feel what I feel. I no longer live in my head and the changes in my life in terms of career success and family relations are palpable.
Grinberg isn’t always easy but the effects are real so it is worth it.
Nicole is the perfect teacher for this method. She leads whilst giving space for you to discover your own body. Your own patterns.
I would highly recommend sessions with Nicole and would be interested to discover what could transform in all areas in your life...even if you originally went in to help stop a headache!
— Siobhan, Composer and Musician
Working her way in a highly professional standard through your body and into your mind, Nicole can definitely make a change and help you look at your challenges in a new and very constructive way.
— Cecilie, Journalist
I found Nicole’s sessions a wonderfully relaxing experience. I was a long term headache sufferer. With her help, I learnt to better understand myself and my behaviours and to recognise and listen to what my body is telling me. I now feel I have control over my symptoms; a feeling I have never had before. I have gained greater self confidence, happiness and a huge improvement in my headaches - more than I could have hoped for.
— Alison, Denmark
Nicole helped me get back to my body and self after an extremely stressful period in my life. She is an attentive, respectful and clever practioner, whom I give my warmest recommendations.
— Ditte Maria, Theater director