Grinberg Method Sessions

The learning happens in one-on-one sessions that typically take place once or twice a week and last for an hour. During the first session, the practitioner uses different tools such as foot analysis to describe, together with the client, the pattern or condition that the client wishes to change.

An aim of the process is then defined. Based on these parameters, the practitioner will then design the subsequent sessions, during which different kinds of touch, breathing, and verbal descriptions will be used.

Aims of processes can be:

  •  Affecting and changing a certain physical condition that causes pain or discomfort such as lower back pain, headaches, menstrual symptoms, and muscular tension
  •  Learning to deal with stress before and after burn out
  • Learning to become more confident by stopping insecurity
  •  Learning to become more quiet in the mind and to improve concentration
  • Learning to stop repetitive behavioural and thought patterns (moods) that limit you
  • Learning to raise your energy level
  • and many more possibilities.


Individual sessions are $85 SGD. Packages of five or ten sessions available.