I am interested in people, and what they are doing with their lives.

I am fascinated with learning about the body and mind, and the way we handle life - coping with it, sometimes wasting it, and learning to do incredible things. Everything we experience in life happens not just mentally but also in the body. While the body strives to be in the present, in order to reach its full potential, the mind wanders back and forth in time and aims to create patterns of recognition. This creates confusion in the body, as mind and body are not separate. Therefore a certain way of thinking or feeling creates a certain way of being often lacking the attention of what is happening in our bodies in a specific situation. 

I have chosen to be a Grinberg Method practitioner to hone my skills of paying attention to the body and through it, teach others to move toward greater freedom and happiness. It is very exciting to work with clients to connect the dots and see the "aha" moments reveal on their faces, bodies, and their breaths as they exhale with a new and freer experience in their body.

My Life Before

By the time I was 29, I led a life many people would call a great life. I had a university degree in International Studies, a well-paying job at a multinational company that allowed me to travel and meet interesting people, a beautiful apartment in Munich's bohemian quarter, and friends and family I love, on top of it all. 

But yet there was this dissatisfaction. At times I felt empty, even alienated, and bewildered by my own actions. I was not really fulfilled and I went on a quest to find out why, seeking to discover what was missing.

My Journey

I read books and signed up for classes and seminars in self-development. I did learn a lot about myself and how many of the things I had achieved so far were a realization and the fulfilment of expectations I had come to take up, that were not really my own. I saw how sides of what I thought was me were actually just what I had learned from my parents and the people around me about who I thought was me. These expectations were not always in line with my own wishes and dreams, which even at that time I had a hard time connecting to. 

This knowledge helped me understand more about how I was feeling but long-term change did not come with these realizations. I did not know why. I largely blamed it on my lack of discipline but I felt one of the missing keys was somehow related to my body. Most of the learning up to then had been with the mind, with little to no reference to the body. 

After the birth of my second child, due to lower back pain, I took up Yoga. I loved the effect it had, not only physically but for me as a whole being. I was very happy about how after each class I found myself being much more the person I wanted to be, the person I know I am. Enthusiastic after having found a discipline that connects mind and body, I started a comprehensive two-year-long Yoga teacher training, fully immersing myself in this ancient practice.

I taught Yoga in several studios mainly in Copenhagen the next three years and while I still loved the practice of Yoga, I was not satisfied with how quickly the effects of Yoga washed away. I found that most of my behavioural patterns I wanted to change returned when I was not practicing. Something was still amiss. My quest continued. 

The Big "WOW"

I was actually rather skeptical when I was first introduced to the Grinberg Method. My first session was not a big "wow." This approach was so very different from everything I had done and seen so far. At times I found it very unsatisfying not being able to understand what was going on. Because I could not explain it, I denied it. My mind questioned whether the experiences I had during sessions were real or just made up by wishful thinking. And yet, there were changes in my life. Small ones at first. 

It really fell into place when I had a session with my practitioner and her teacher. She touched all the spots in my body that seemed to be exactly connected to what we were talking about during the session. I learned how I was sustaining my pattern of being and limiting myself by holding some areas, cutting away from others, and breathing in a certain way. She showed me a way to stop all of this and simply be and experience my body, alive and vibrant. Free from the old way of being. 

This somatic teaching method, I realized, answered so many of the questions I had. Additionally, the teacher had such precision, clarity, and simplicity in her heart-centred ability to speak the truth. I knew then that this was what I wanted to learn, and what I wanted to offer to others.

Becoming a Grinberg Method Practitioner

My training began in 2011. The three-year-long comprehensive program is designed in a way that allows hands-on work from the start.  Practitioners need to grow both professionally and personally, developing outer and inner perception, concentration, and physical strength. I have been working regularly with clients since the beginning - in Germany, Denmark, and now Singapore. 

I consider myself super lucky to do what I love and be in a profession that allows me to touch people's life in such a profound and transformative way.