In this interview, Avi Grinberg, the founder of the Grinberg Method® (subtitled in eight languages), speaks about attention, health, and suffering, and what made him want to teach, rather than heal. He talks about pain, from people's role in establishing chronic pain and our response to pain to the true nature of fear and pain. Find out more about how the Grinberg Method, through touch and movement, helps people to learn to effect real change in their bodies and ultimately their lives.


"This is a general lesson of the Grinberg Method in transforming pain. When we are in pain, the part of the experience that we can be responsible for is how we respond to it. This lesson teaches you how to stop your automatic response to pain and free the attention and energy that were invested in it. Allowing your body to experience the pain without responding to it, transforms the experience and reduces the suffering it caused."